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Ayurveda & Panchakarma Clinic | Health Consultations | Long Distance Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Health Consultation includes a complete Ayurvedic health assessment (including traditional pulse assessment) to determine unique body constitution and imbalances as well as the current state of the organs, tissues, and channels. Specific dietary and lifestyle counseling and traditional herbal treatments are recommended, as well as therapeutic yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation instruction.
Long Distance Ayurvedic Consultations are also available via Phone or Skype.
**FREE** 15-Minute Phone Consultation to answer your health questions and inquiries about what Ayurveda can do for your specific case.
Long Distance Ayurvedic Consultations Long Distance Ayurvedic Consultations are also available via Phone or Skype.
Follow-up Consultations
Health Consultation for Children Under 12
Acute Health Consultation Acute Consultations specifically address common ailments such as colds, flu, acute digestive disturbances, and seasonal allergies.

Ayurvedic Therapies – Panchakarma Therapies

Abhyanga Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage (60 Minutes) A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating massage with traditional Ayurvedic herbal oils to promote detoxification, improve circulation, calm the nervous system, nourish the skin, and support immunity. When performed by 2 therapists, the strokes are synchronized to enhance an overall relaxing effect.
Abhyanga Plus (90 Minute) This treatment includes Abhyanga (warm oil Ayurvedic Massage) with 1 or 2 therapists + Bashpa Swedana (herbal steam bath)
Shila Abhyanga/Hot Stone Massage (75 Minute) This treatment combines hot stones massage with the application of warm Ayurvedic herbal oils to effectively improve circulation and to release stiffness and tension.
Shiro Abhyanga-Nasya Ayurvedic Head Massage. Incorporates nasal therapy and foot reflexology to clear all head passages, relieving head, shoulder and sinus problems
Nasya/Sinus Treatment (60 minute) A deeply relaxing treatment incorporating nasal therapy (with aromatic herbal oils and localized herbal steam inhalations), Ayurvedic massage of the head, neck, and shoulders and reflexology of the hands and feet to relieve sinus congestion, respiratory allergies, refresh the senses, and reduce stress and tension.
Shirodhara (60 Minute) Enjoy the gentle and continuous flow of warm herbal oil over the third eye region of the forehead. This ancient and blissful therapy is designed to calm the mind and nervous system, promoting clarity and peace. Each session begins with a warm oil massage of the head, neck and shoulders to invite the body to deepen into relaxation.
Nadi Swedana (60 Minutes) This specialized treatment combines an application of localized herbal steam and massage with medicated herbal oil to specific trouble areas of the body. This treatment melt away aches, pains, stiffness, and tension and is a supportive therapy for discomfort due to injuries, arthritis, and generalized muscle, joint, and tendon issues due to stress and wear and tear.
Abhyanga + Pinda Sweda (90 Minute) A combination Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage) and Pinda Sweda (vigorous massage with medicinal herbal bundles) to restore strength, tone, and vigor- especially recommended for nervous system disorders, generalized weakness, loss of strength, and muscle tone.
Marma Massage/Energy Point Therapy (60 Minutes) Ayurvedic Acupressure which incorporates massage with medicated herbal oils and the application of heat and herbal pastes to specific points based on individual needs. This treatment energizes organs and tissues, removes energy blocks throughout the body, relieves pain, promotes circulation, and decreases stress and tension.
Netra Basti : Herbal Therapy for Eye Rejuvenation
Kati Basti : Herbal Therapy for Lumbo-Sacral Discomfort
Nabhi Basti : Herbal Therapy for Digestion & Emotional Release
Hrud (Uro) Basti : Herbal Therapy for Heart Support

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

1 Hour Therapeutic Massage as per your need.
Marma Massage – Invigorating Ayurvedic Massage. An energizing Ayurvedic massage focused on main energy points to promote energy and blood circulation.

Meditation Instruction

Private Meditation This Meditation series includes 3 private sessions with Vaidya Naveen Sharma which are designed to strengthen and deepen your home meditation practice. Each one-hour session includes individualized instruction in pranayama (breathing techniques) and traditional yogic meditation techniques. This 3-session series is intended to be completed within a 3-4 week period.
Build or Deepen Your Meditation Practice A 5-day private meditation series designed to help you learn or deepen your meditation practice. Each one-hour session includes instruction in simple, effective breathing techniques, mindfulness techniques, homework suggestions, as well as 30 minutes of silent and/or guided meditation. 5 one-hour sessions (can be scheduled once a week for five weeks).
Cooking Workshops are only available if you provide the group, kitchen and utensils. Contact us for more information.
Transportation from and to your hotel/lodging during Panchakarma
****** Fees may change without prior notice ******

Ayurvedic Training | Services

Short Term Panchkarma Courses (7-15 Days)₹ 14,000 to ₹ 21,000
Ayurveda Introductory Courses (7 Days)₹ 14,000
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