Panchakarma Treatment in Dharamshala

Panchakarma is a scientific technique of biodetoxification. It’s a natural and healthy way to remove illness and diseases through bio-cleansing. The aim of Panchakarma is to eliminate the toxins from the body.


Panchakarma treatment in Dharmashala | Himachal Pradesh


It is curative as well as therapeutic for unhealthy people. And a maintenance system for healthy people.

It is also like giving a service to our body. Just as we get regular service for our vehicles so that they are maintained at an optimum level. Similarly, our body should be given regular service through Panchakarma so that they function at an optimum level.

Metabolism is continuously going on in our system. This metabolism provides nutrition to the body through food. It also produces toxins as by-products side by side. These toxins remain in the system or are eliminated to the adjoining cells and tissues lying by the side of the digestive tract.

These toxins create illnesses and diseases. Contemporary medicine tries to balance toxins within the system but only Panchakarma is capable of eliminating toxins out of the body.


Panchakarma Treatment in Dharamshala | Himachal Pradesh


Panchakarma Treatment in Dharamshala is provided in two steps. First is Purva Karma which is the preparation of the body before cleansing. this involves Snehan and Svedhan which is Warm oil massage and Sudation-Steam.

Panchakarma treatment consists of five types of Ayurvedic therapies which are undertaken for complete detoxification of the body. They are also called as Pradhan Karma:

  1. Vaman i.e. Medicated Emesis
  2. Virechan i.e. Medicated Purgation
  3. Nasyam i.e. Instillation of Medicines through Nostrills
  4. Vasti i.e. Enema
  5. Rakhtmokshan

Vaman is induced Emesis. it is done for ‘Kapha’ oriented diseases. Due to our lifestyle, a lot of toxins get accumulated in our body. Vaman is useful in lifestyle oriented diseases. It is used in indigestion, psoriasis, asthma, skin diseases and respiratory diseases.

Our physicians are highly trained and possess deep knowledge of Vaman therapy.


Virechan is basically for ‘pitta’ oriented diseases. Some of the pitta oriented diseases are eczema, itching, dermatitis, psoriasis, skin oriented diseases. Also, diseases where the digestive system plays a major role like in the acid peptic diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, constipation.

Virechana is useful in paralysis. Also useful in weight loss. It involves pre as well as post procedures. Virechan is induced purgation and plays a very important role in removing doshas of the body.


Nasyam treatment is extremely useful for any ailment above the shoulder. It can be useful in cervical spondylosis, anything related to the eye, ear problem, migraine, headache, alopecia. When doing the Nasyam, the face and nose part is properly placed, massaged and then the steam is given. Nasyam is the door to the cranial sinuses.


Vasti is basically for ‘vata’ oriented diseases. It is the different types of enemas that are given through the anal route.

Diseases that can be controlled by Vasti is backache, joint pain, psoriasis, small inflammatory diseases, gouty arthritis, synovial membrane effusion.


Rakhtmokshan is the removal of impure blood from the body from a particular site. It is done in different ways like venous puncture and leech treatment. In Ayurveda the leech treatment is used extensively.

Rakhtmokshan is useful in increasing blood circulation.

It is used for diabetic foot, joint, lot formation in heart diseases, varicose veins and baldness.


Panchakarma treatment in Dharmashala | Himachal Pradesh


Panchakarma Treatment in Dharamshala at Atharva-Ayurdhama Clinic | Vaidya Naveen Sharma

Atharva-Ayurdhama clinic gives individualistic treatment to every patient after studying their unique body constitution and history. We provide personal care as per specific requirement of the patient for Panchakarma treatment in Dharmashala, Himachal Pradesh. Our Qualified Ayurvedic Practitioners analyze the specific ‘Prakriti’ or nature of the patient. And provide customized treatment according to ‘Prakriti’ or nature, needs and requirements of the patient. This is a holistic approach towards treatment which brings good results without any side effects.

Panchakarma Treatment in Dharamshala | Himachal Pradesh




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