Beauty and Skin Care in Dharamshala | Himachal Pradesh

Beauty and Skin Care in Dharamshala | Himachal Pradesh

Ayurveda teaches us how to live a disciplined healthy lifestyle. As we age our skin cell turnover rate starts to slow down and with the slowing down process we see premature wrinkles caused by dead skin. Ayurveda has a natural exfoliation method that was traditionally used on both men and women which can cure almost any type of skin related problems. We have natural herbs and scrubs treatment for your beauty and skin related problems.

At Atharva-Ayurveda Himachal Pradesh we also provide Shirodhara Massage and Panchakarma Treatment. We have Qualified Ayurvedic Practitioners who provide Diet Consultations, General Consultations Consultations on lifestyle-related problems.

Atharva-Ayurveda clinic gives individualistic treatment to every patient after studying their unique body constitution and history. We provide personal care as per specific requirement of the patient for Beauty and Skin Care in Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh. Our Qualified Ayurvedic Practitioners analyze the specific ‘Prakriti’ or nature of the patient. And provide customized treatment according to ‘Prakriti’ or nature, needs and requirements of the patient. This is a holistic approach towards treatment which brings good results without any side effects.



Beauty and Skin Care in Dharamshala


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